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Noble can set a scope for a project, outline a team of consultants necessary and desired, coordinate the project team, compile a project schedule, maintain a status report, prepare cost approximating, prepare construction plans, prepare specifications, prepare bid documents, analyze bids, recommend value engineering, construction contract administration, review shop drawings, inspect construction, and maintain project records.

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Noble provides professional expertise in commercial development design. Services include: Conceptual Planning, Feasibility Reports, Cost Estimating, Construction Documents, Storm-water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), and Construction Administration. The bulk of Civil Consulting is to produce Civil Engineering Plans. Plans typically consist of a Cover, Notes, Site, Grading, Utility, Erosion Control, and Detail sheets. Other plan sheets are included when the project scope necessitates them, such as Water Quality Pond Plans, or Utility Plan and Profile Sheets.

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Noble will team up with a local surveyor who will produce the graphical plat. We will coordinate with you for subdividing or combining your lot(s), perform engineering calculations and construction plans, coordinate with local utility companies, and process your plat to help you get approval.

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We take your “napkin” sketch and create a professional visual for you. Noble provides preliminary planning for clients. Noble prepares site layout and land planning designs according to clients visual expectations, or verbal explanations. These plans are traditionally used to negotiate property terms, (zoning, cost, organization, etc.), compare sites, market end users, and similar functions.

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This is a “playbook” for your project. Noble provides professional research for your proposed projects. The intent of Feasibility Reports is to identify the course of the project as dictated by various factors tied to a specific site/tract and make recommendations to guide a project through the identified processes.

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You need a realistic budget for your project. This will help you in many ways plan for project costs. Noble provides professional opinions on project costs related to civil aspects of a project. These cost approximations are valuable when determining project costs, from Conceptual stage to the “Out to Bid” stage. Cost approximations range from “Ballpark” to “10%”.

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Noble provides professionally prepared reports that can be (and should be) used on construction projects to satisfy state and local regulations on Storm-water run-off protection.

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Noble provides a varying level of Construction Administration (CA) based on clients preference and local requirements. Clients can request CA that is routine, where Noble oversees construction activities on a daily or weekly basis, or as needed; meaning Noble is available to visit the site or answer questions when clients need that expertise. Noble provides, as a standard service, Local Jurisdiction CA as required when those agencies have written or understood regulations governing engineering observation or inspections.

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Noble provides professionally prepared designs of On-Site Sewage Facilities for commercial sites and residential lots. This includes the four steps to obtaining a permit, (i) Site Evaluation, (ii) System Selection, (iii) System Design, and (iv) Permit Processing. Noble also provides information on Preferred Installers in your area.

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For the time being, we partner with qualified, reputable surveying companies to provide clients with a solid foundation to build design services from.

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We look forward to partnering with experienced developers, contractors, and architects.

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